We offer the highest quality tomatoes in the fallowing varieties:

Listell – weighing 160-180 grams, variety of beautiful red color and high shine featuring slightly flattened shape. Listell Tomatoes are distinguished by their unique taste and high quality.

Bogota – weighing 180-200 grams, variety of tomato that can be grown even in difficult conditions. Tolerates low light levels as well as extremely high temperatures. Fruit are of the highest quality and durability, they have a smooth shine skin and excellent quality flesh. Classic, reddish tomato is a real vitamin-mineral bomb.

Amoroso – weighing 35-40 grams, cocktail tomato, that grows on vine, and has rounded shape. This variety is considered to be one of the tastiest ones one the market. Ideal for salads decorations and grilling they always look very appetizing.

Vespolino – weighing 25-30 grams, is a plum tomato, mini-plum. The flesh of this variety is fairly tough and not too juicy, in contrary is is extremely rich in tomato flavor. Thanks to their advantages and this is why they are the best are for tomato sauces and ideal for drying.
We offer tomatoes
in graduated color range (10 shades) and 3 sizes:

B (M) – 57-67 mm
BB (G) – 67-82 mm
BBB (GG) – 82-102 mm
Packages are suited to tomato size. Product packed in:
- 250 g cups (plum tomatoes mini-plum),
- 500 g pack (vine tomatoes).